22 July 2009

One Hit Wonder #2 - The Sorrows - Take A Heart

Label: Piccadilly
Year of Release: 1965

I'm not claiming originality or insight with this choice, of course - the track itself has appeared on the "Nuggets II" box set and has been much discussed since.  

Whilst I would have to take exception to anybody who is honestly prepared to argue that The Sorrows were better than The Who or the Kinks, or indeed any number of other more successful loud, pounding, rough rock bands of the time, they certainly deserved to climb higher than number 21 in the charts with this one.

"Take A Heart" pitter-patters its way towards some of the most aggressive, hollering and sneering vocals you'll hear, and is one, elongated pean to adolescent romantic frustration.  It's not an original piece of material, of course, and other versions of this song are available - but for me it's the ultimate version, and even on the live clip above it sounds pretty damn savage.  

Lead singer Don Farden later went on to have hits with "Indian Reservation" and "Belfast Boy" as a solo artist in the seventies, but neither are a patch on this.  

Thanks to Sirlongpass for the YouTube upload.

Apologies from me for the relative lack of uploads at present - I've been away on holiday and relying on delayed posts to get my stuff out there.  Hopefully normal service will be resumed very  soon. 

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