30 January 2010

Foreheads in a Fishtank - Stripper

Foreheads in a Fishtank - Stripper

Label: Newt

Year of Release: 1994

Somehow the release of this album managed to totally pass me by at the time, and it wasn't until I saw it a few weeks ago selling for one English pound in a second hand store that I realised it even existed. It's not a bad surprise, nor a bad way to plug gaps in one's record collection, but it certainly speaks volumes about the status of Foreheads in a Fishtank at the time of its release.

Having been dropped by Some Bizarre, they found themselves on the Peterborough-based Newt Records, who dropped this into the world. To be frank, it's possibly their noisiest and most cluttered sounding album - each and every track is a cacophony of distorted samples, harsh vocals, dischordant electronics and twittering sounds. Where cassette tape manufacturers may have attempted to avoid "wow" and "flutter", FIAFT appear to have embraced it as if it were another instrument. Parts of "Stripper" sound like a series of the grimiest early nineties techno records being fed through a broken tape machine which is in the process of being stomped on by an enraged engineer.

Amidst the melee, the single (and final track here) "Mr Whippy (Take More Drugs)" seems like the calm after the storm, a breath of fresh air, some oxygen finally being let into a musty room. And this despite the fact they're shouting "TAKE MORE... TAKE MORE... TAKE MORE DRUGS!" at regular intervals.

Apparently the band signed off the sleeve art for this record believing it to be a 'rough sketch', then felt enormously dismayed when it became the final product. And on such a ludicrous Spinal Tap note, their career appears to have ended, although not before they released one white label under the name of "FIAFT" in a (failed) attempt to break the club market. If anyone has a copy of this particular slab of vinyl, please do get in touch.


1. Bond
2. Cajun (Pure Sex)
3. Rum
4. Cool
5. Stripper
6. Burroughs (Death Sucker)
7. Glory
8. Bloater
9. Onions
10. King
11. Dave

12. Mr. Whippy (Take More Drugs)

(This album is shortly to be remastered and reissued, and the band have requested that any downloads should be removed from this site.)


Mondo said...

Foreheads in a Fishtank - I know that name so well. I'll download and see if any tunes are familiar..

Good to meet you Friday, and have added your blog to my blog roll

23 Daves said...

Great to meet you as well, and I'll likewise take a look at Planet Mondo in a few seconds.

I have to wonder if you'll recognise much off this album, though - as I said in the original entry, it never even registered with me when it was actually released...

Anonymous said...

Fair comment. The only track that got close to a final mix was 'cool'

by then the money had run out.

There's an excellent compilation waiting to happen if I ever get time however.

Cheers guys

Jeff Forehead

23 Daves said...

I think you should definitely release a compilation, Jeff - I'd buy it, and I think the interest is still out there.

Please let us know if it ever happens.

Anonymous said...

working on Jack the Ripper at present.

Watch the TV this autumn.

Jeff x

one forehead said...


Hi Guys still working on the comp. SEMINAL

FAcebook should be available ovre the next few days

Jeff Forehead