25 June 2011

Just out of curiosity

What do you generally visit this blog hoping to see?

Because it's always good to know.  I've been noticing lately that posts I'd expect to be popular have been crashing and burning stat-wise (and comment-wise), whereas ones I'd expect nobody to care about have been doing rather well.  It's difficult to get people to leave comments on mp3 blogs, no matter how many people they attract, and this might just solve a few riddles for me.

And of course, feel free to drop further hints by commenting.  I'm all ears.


MimsyS said...

I visit for novelties that you've ripped, and general 80s stuff. I don't like the psychedelic stuff much, and I skip over anything that doesn't immediately interest me.

There aren't checkboxes to tick both, so I've ticked none.

Your survey results will, therefore, be invalid, and you shouldn't base any conclusions on them.

Billy Smart said...

Even though I voted for 'em, the project would be all the poorer if it was just devoted to novelty obscurities. The random nature of stuff that you come across is much of the interest and charm of your project. As with Pick of the Pops on Radio 2, I think that I'm most intrigued by the chance to hear really minor hits from the sixties to the eighties that have previously only been titles in chart books to me - bring on your Sundragon and Butterscotch!

Mondo said...

I'd vote for all except 80s/90s

Anonymous said...

I've voted for the 60's, although I like 70's stuff also.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Me? I like what you write about the records, no matter what their age or genre. Especially when you do some detective work and show how some obscurity fits into the wider picture.

The Confused said...

60'S and Novelties though could only vote for one.

23 Daves said...

Thanks for all the input so far.

Novelty records are strangely difficult to come by (although usually cheap) but we do have another one coming up on Monday morning!

It looks as if I'd probably be OK carrying on as usual according to the results above, but on their present showing in the poll, I'll probably be reluctant to put together another blog compilation - they're enormously time-consuming to create and whilst they used to be the prime reason people visited this blog, they just don't generate that much interest anymore.

Rob C said...

I'd agree with klepsydra. You don't just buy it, upload it, done! you put some thought into it, much appreciated BTW


23 Daves said...

Thanks to everyone who has voted so far on this, and commented positively (or constructively) - please keep your thoughts and votes coming, since they probably will have an effect on the general direction of the blog. I've already decided there will probably never be another psych compilation, for example, but that there needs to be a few more One Hit Wonders/ novelty content.