21 April 2012

Another Saturday at the Boogaloo - 28th April

Hello readers - you might be interested to know that I'm doing another DJ set at the "Can't Buy Me Love" vintage market at the Boogaloo pub on 28th April, starting at 12:30 at finishing at around 5pm.  As I've said a million times before, it's a great place to shop and listen to some fantastic music while you're at it - and if you don't see anything you want, you can always grab yourself a drink at the bar and hang around in one of London's most legendary pubs.  Here's the address:

The Boogaloo
312 Archway Road
N6 5AT

And here's the Facebook event link for people who hang around on that service.  

David Soul is a regular drinker in this establishment, but please don't turn up and expect to see him casually propping against the bar, because in all my time DJ'ing there I've never seen him once.  This is a let-down, a bit like when I was a small child and would always demand to go to McDonalds in the hope that Ronald McDonald would be in attendance, but he never was.  You can't have everything in life though, can you?  No.