2 June 2012

The Long Reupload Process Begins...

Regular readers of this blog might remember me complaining that all of the mp3 files from 2008-9 (and a few from 2010) had gone AWOL.  I did promise to set myself a weekly task of reuploading at least a few entries, but to be frank time hasn't been on my side and I doubt I'll ever be able to approach this in such an efficient manner.

However, the first four entries are done and dusted, an achievement which we could probably all jig around our living rooms to in celebration were it not for the fact that I'm slowly working backwards from February 2010 (when the problems with missing files start) and this seemed to be a bit of a novelty-heavy period for the blog.  But anyway, here's what you're getting:

- John Inman - "Are You Being Served, Sir?" - Inman's one and only hit, filled to the brim with Department Store specific innuendo.

- Egton Runners - "Won't Somebody Play My Record?" - No, they bloody well will not, not now and not ever.  You can't even give it away.  One of the least popular entries on this blog in terms of the volume of downloads, and I doubt it's going to pick up now.

- Rivals - "Speedway" - Some speedway racers sing about Speedway racing.  Enough said.

- and, due to a reader's request - The Magic Roundabout soundtrack EP "Dougal and the Blue Cat". 

If you're really, really anally retentive you'll notice I'm not necessarily doing this in strict order.  There are some entries (such as the Bedlam Opera one) I want to revisit with a proper re-edit purely due to the volume of information that's since come to light about the band, and others I can't touch either because I've since lost the mp3s and cleared out the record itself, or because it seems to be commercially available now and I'd rather not tread on anyone's toes.  Still, I should get around to completing the mammoth task of getting most of these tracks back online again at some point by 2017, by present estimates.

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