17 September 2012

Second Hand Record Dip Part 81 - Master Singers - Weather Forecast/ Roadilore

Who: The Master Singers
What: Weather Forecast/ Roadilore
Label: Parlophone
When: 1966
Where: Music and Video Exchange, Notting Hill Gate, London
Cost: £1

We've already explored the peculiar world of The Master Singers once on this blog, and there's little to add at this juncture.  After "The Highway Code" invaded the charts in a manner which must surely have surprised most people, they decided to chance their arm at the format again, this time recording an Anglican chant version of a typical British weather forecast.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that this was really just a repeat of their first joke, the single only just missed breaking into the Top 40, finally finishing at Number 45.  It's fair to say that if you've heard "The Highway Code" you'll already know what to expect - it's a peacefully melodic a-capella summary of a changeable weather system with a bit of a punchline at the end.

After this disc the group largely gave up, although they are notable for also providing Peter Sellers with backing on his Richard III version of "A Hard Day's Night" - but in reality, the demand for Anglican singers performing parodical versions of everyday public texts was rather limited, and once their idea to sing elements of the Yellow Pages telephone directory was dismissed as a step too far, that was largely the end of that.

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Sterling Cale said...

I wonder if the execs behind the Go Compare ads have heard this.