26 September 2012

Sitting On The Dock Of The (E)Bay (watching the shipments coming in... and going out again)

I haven't put any records up on ebay for so long that - ooh - it feels like another lifetime ago.  I probably looked younger and had a different haircut or something.  Anyway, my Paypal account could do with some topping up and if any of the below titles take your interest, do follow this link.

Circus Days Volumes 1 & 2 (psychedelic compilation CD)
Circus Days Volumes 4 & 5 (")
Circus Days Volume 6 (")
The Shadows - Dance On (French EP with Picture Sleeve)
Bob Morgan - Marguerite (pictured - and don't worry, I'm not selling my original promo copy of this, I just happen to have picked up the commercially issued copy in the last few months)
Private Eye Sings EP (Private Eye's first satirical release, dating from 1962 - very cheap starting price of 99p)
Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth - KLF Trancentral Remix 

Not much on offer this time, I realise, but what is on offer is at least either obscure or worth owning.  

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