29 April 2015

Dora Hall - Satisfaction/ 5 O'Clock World

Label: Reinbeau
Year of Release: 1966

Regular readers of "Left and to the Back" will know that I have a soft spot for Dora Hall. This is the wife-of-a-disposable-picnicware-magnate's fourth blog entry in total, and for anyone wanting to know the full background behind her colossal back catalogue, the answers can be found here. Literally hundreds of Hall singles are out there for the taking, and quite a few videos and LPs too.

Whether you love or loathe her output, there's no question that she covered some downright unusual tunes at times. Clearly Hall's first love was the showy swing of the easy listening kings and queens - you can hear it in her mannered, measured delivery - but she was never afraid to put that to use on modern rock hits. In this case, "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" gets the Hall makeover, being turned into a big, brassy piece of suaveness. Her vocals aren't perfect, but the style suits the track oddly well, and it has enough oomph to carry itself entertainingly across three minutes. Andrew Loog Oldham surely approved, and by the time the horn section kicks in, so will you.

Less convincing is the B-side "5 O'Clock World" which is a struggle to listen to, despite the delightful premise of the idea. 

Oh Dora. You may be the Queen of the American Thrift Store Bin, but you're the kind of artist blogs like this were invented for. I salute your memory. 


Timmy said...

Both of these sides are excellent. But, "Satisfaction" is really done extremely well. Thanx!

davyh said...

As you're a fan I thought you'd like this bit of bio from Anthony Reichard's Youtube channel which you may just like. He concentrates on the Gold Star recording studio in LA which means of course Phil Spector, Bill Medley, the Wrecking Crew, Jack Nitzsche, pre Bread David Gates and a host of others. He has some good rarities on there as well and is a mine of information. Apparently the cup company had four labels and Dora's output featured on three of them. Here's the info.

Out of Los Angles, this 1966 release is one a few dozen singles issued by Ms. Hall, who was the wife of Leo Hulseman, founder of the Solo cup company. It was through the company that when in her sixties, Dora Hall's recording and T.V. career was financed as her records were given away free of charge with Solo cups and plates. Her elusive 'career' in the music business has become one which has a cult following with a few of her singles even favored among the Northern Soul crowd. 'Pretty Boy' is at the top of the list with a sixty-six year old, Dora Hall singing over it's Motown-esque arrangement hammered out by L.A.'s famed session players, The 'Wrecking Crew'.
For more about Dora Hall, visit: http://www.dorahall.tvheaven.com/inde...

Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/reichardtaj

23 Daves said...

Thanks Davy!

davyh said...

I have the following records if you want them for free 23 Daves.
Marv Johnson-You Got What It Takes London
Them-Baby Please Don't Go-Decca
Stones-Let's Spend The Night Together-USA London
Stones-The Last Time-USA London
Mama Cass-It's Getting Better-Stateside Dunhill
Tammi Lynn-I'm Gonna Run Away-Mojo
Beach Boys-Sloop John B-Catitol
Ronnie Jones-Little Bitty Pretty One-CBS demo
Chubby Checker Let's Twist Again-Columbia (green label)
Bern Elliot (and the Fenmen I've seen you mention)-Nobody But Me-Decca
Elvis-Wooden Heart-RCA picture sleeve.

They're in reasonable condition probably VG or very good plus for some like the Stones imports. I'll have to ask for postage if you're up to taking the risk. Of no use whatsoever to me but they'll make seconds/swaps for you maybe? Don't want to just sling them. If they're not worth the postage no sweat just thought they were your sort of thing.

23 Daves said...

Hi Davy,

I'd definitely be up for the Them, Tammi Lynn, Beach Boys and Bern Elliot records... I'd happily pay money for these as well. Drop me a line on davidbryantpoetry@gmail.com and we'll sort something out.