5 July 2015

Mark Loyd - When I'm Gonna Find Her/ When Evening Falls

Label: Parlophone
Year of Release: 1966

Nish. Nowt. Zero. That's all the information I have available to me on this sixties artist, who released three flop singles during the middle part of the decade - "I Keep Thinking About You" and "Everybody Tries" in 1965, and this one in 1966. 

And that's a shame, because the B-side I'm presenting here, "When I'm Gonna Find Her" has since become a choice Northern Soul spin among those in the know, so favoured in fact that this bootleg reissue leaked out on to the marketplace a number of years ago. It's no surprise to see the track being admired by that crowd - "Find Her" is filled to the brim with all the yearning that great Northern Soul tracks have, but behind that is a minimalist arrangement and creeping bassline which gives the song a haunted feel, as if a stalking and faded phantom has buried itself away in the grooves. 

The A-side "When Evening Falls" isn't bad either, being a much more uptempo number and showing that Loyd, whoever he was, could pack a punch vocally.

I doubt we'll get to the bottom of his identity, but if anyone knows who he is, please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Superb !!!

Really for collectors

Greetings Albert

Arthur Nibble said...

Hope this helps. Mark L(l)oyd was Australian.


23 Daves said...

Thanks Arthur, that's a huge help! I had absolutely no idea.

i luv melanie leupolz said...

a deee-liteful intro on one of these songs!