21 October 2015

Ignatius Jones - Like A Ghost/ Seductive Ways

Label: Ensign
Year of Release: 1982

Australian actor, contortionist, journalist and singer Ignatius Jones is an odd sort. He's most famed in his home country for being the lead vocalist in "shocking" new wave band Jimmy and the Boys, whose act apparently included S&M and mock rape. Footage of their shows sounds ripe for inclusion in one of those "It Was Alright In The 70s" clip shows, by the sounds of it, except none seems to be available. However, YouTube allows us to watch them covering The Kinks in a peculiar fashion and see TV footage of their Tim Finn penned top ten hit "They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me", and with that we should presumably be content.

Once Jimmy and the Boys split, Ignatius set about trying to establish a solo career for himself. The results were not as successful. "Like A Ghost" was the first release, and is actually rather good, awash with an eerie, empty synth-pop simplicity as a complete antidote to the absurd theatrics of his previous band. Apparently a minor hit in the gay clubs on the American West Coast, it was obviously deemed notable enough to be granted a UK single release, unlike anything Jones did before or since… but for all the record label enthusiasm, it wasn't a sizeable seller on either side of the planet.

After the follow-up single "Whispering Your Name" failed to gain any traction, Jones formed the briefly lived Arms and Legs before then joining the swing-jazz band Pardon Me Boys.

He arguably found bigger success outside the fields of acting, music or journalism when he became an Events Director and was given the role of Creative Director for the 2000 Sydney Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. It's a far cry from being a member of the most shocking New Wave band in Australia, viewers.


Arthur Nibble said...

Talking of Arms and Legs, are there any un-iTuned singles you can give us or have already given us from the same named band which included Joe Jackson and released three singles on MAM in the mid-70's? When you've got rid of your current backlog mountain, of course.

23 Daves said...

I don't actually own any records by them, I'm afraid - I don't think I've even seen any on my travels. I'll continue to keep my eyes peeled, though.

SimonH said...

Interesting to note (maybe), Like a Ghost was written by Steve Kilbey of THe Church. He released a version of the song in the late 80s.
Love the blog by way - more obscure synth pop and new wave please!

23 Daves said...

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the info and also… thanks for saying that! I think you're the first blog reader to actually ask for more synth pop and New Wave! More should be forthcoming - those records tend to break the bank a lot less than the 60s ones, that's for sure.

Unknown said...

Looking for synth pop that has the sound of crickits