8 February 2018

The New Survivors - Pickle Protest/ But I Know

Odd 60s garage rock record referencing the protest movement. 

Label: Scepter
Year of Release: 1968

Here's a bit of a mystery. This 1968 garage rock record has a sparse organ-driven arrangement and a southern USA accented lead vocal, and appears to be referring to the protest movement and trying not to get itself into a tizz about the fact that "Red China's got the bomb". We are urged quite strongly that one way of not getting ourselves into too much of a panic about the world ending might be to just move our "happy feet".

I can't argue with that, really, since this attitude is what has made most popular music such a powerful force for time immemorial, through wars, recessions, and general uncertainty, but the lead singer's continual hiccups of laughter throughout - which sound like an accident initially, but are clearly staged - make me think this whole affair is a bit of a piss-take. It's intriguing, and quite catchy, and presumably made a lot more sense in 1968 than it does now and was possibly referencing a specific incident ("What is a 'pickle protest' anyway?" you might ask, and I can't help you there).

The B-side "But I Know" is a much more serious and soulful ballad which is actually a preferable listen for me. When I originally ripped these sides to mp3, I had to double-check my sources to check that "Pickle Protest" definitely was the original plug side - and it would seem that was the case.

It apparently picked up quite a bit of airplay in some US states, but wasn't a hit as a result, and The New Survivors seemingly didn't go on to record anything else. I've no idea who they were, but if anyone can enlighten me, I'd be grateful.


Anonymous said...

Thank you David, very unknown band from the USA

A little more information about The New Survivors

The New Survivors


1 The Pickle Protest/Little One (Kanwic 147) 1968
2 The Pickle Protest/But I Know (Scepter 12227) 1968

A Pittsburg/Fort Scott, Kansas combo put out the poppy Pickle Protest that still retains a garage feel with some reedy doodlings. Teebo would go on to a solo career in the seventies.

23 Daves said...

Thanks for the information! That clears things up a little bit.

Richard said...

Obviously, the composer A A Thiebaut Jr and "Tony Teebo" must be the same person.