11 July 2009

Distractions and Amusements

Whilst I do have a few blog entries almost fully written and ready to go, the next week and a half or so is likely to be fairly busy for me, meaning that updates will be few (although hopefully still occurring periodically).  And if you want to know when those are updates are likely to happen and you're a Blogger user yourself, why not follow this blog like other semi-interested people?

Failing that, check back now and then to see if I've managed to get anywhere near a keyboard and VDU to "do my stuff", and if I haven't, why not look at the following (in fact, why not look at them anyway):

A Myspace user known only as Ben Riggers has updated full episodes of the Chart Show from as early as 1986 on to his channel (and I do sorely hope this isn't supposed to be a big hidden secret).  This means that not only will you get to see lots of indie bands without videos in their respective chart rundown, but all the pop hits of the day as well, plus plenty which never quite made the grade.  Whilst it's always amusing for me to see blurry pictures of The Mighty Lemon Drops during the chart rundown, it's also perplexing to see Jesus and Mary Chain riding high in the top ten.  This stuff did used to happen back in those days, you know, when JAMC were supposed to be the new Sex Pistols.  How soon we forget.

A ridiculously good blog focussing on Japanese remasters and reissues of sixties and seventies psych and prog albums.  The Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera album is worth downloading in itself.

A YouTube channel focussing totally on spinning discs from the likes of Tommy Cooper, Little and Large, the Coronation Street cast, Jimmy Tarbuck, Anita Dobson, and... oh, you get the drift...  Hopefully nobody will be in too much of a tearing hurry to get this profile taken down due to loss of revenue caused by copyright infringement, although nothing would surprise me anymore.

You'll be happy or perhaps disconcerted to learn that I have also uncovered a lot of 'interesting' vinyl lately which will be ready to upload when things settle down a bit.  If that doesn't thrill you, then what on earth do you need?  Be patient - the best things come to those who wait.

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