28 September 2009


As blogs go, I don't think this one takes many breaks really, even though there are moments where perhaps I'd benefit from holding back some of the 'groovy gravy' rather than trying to find interesting things to upload every other flipping day.

So... I'm sorry to say that I'm probably going to go quiet on the uploads, at least until this weekend.  No special reason, I'm just far too worn out to put any decent effort in.

While I'm gone - which won't be for very long - why not relax yourself to Telex's fantastic rendition of "Rock Around The Clock" above?


Cocktails said...

You are incredibly consistent in your posting - I don't know how you find time to discover lost classics like The Metropolitan Police Band! Enjoy the week off.

23 Daves said...

It's very tiring trying to find albums performed by members of the emergency services, I'll have you know!

Seriously, I'm too busy in other areas of my life, that's why I'm knocking this on the head for this week. I probably won't enjoy the week off since the blog isn't the cause of the stress or the issue, but I'll enjoy posting to the blog much more when I return.