3 February 2010

Egton Runners - Won't Somebody Play My Record? (b/w "Flip Me")

Egton Runners - Won't Somebody Play My Record

Label: DJM

Year of Release: 1979

This particular novelty track may be of minor interest to sixties-heads purely and simply because one of the songwriters responsible, John Carter, was also responsible for a number of oddly shaped psych-pop trinkets. Probably his finest and oddest hour was the lost classic "Laughing Man", released on Spark in 1968, which is available on the "Lysergic Diversions" compilation here.

"Won't Somebody Play My Record?", on the other hand, is either a desperate pean from a desperate man or a bit of studio tomfoolery (or both?). It's the sad and sorry tale of a record company plugger desperately trying to get his record played on a record station. If nothing else, the lyrics paint a vivid picture of the narrow options available in the industry at the time, as the plugger's entire efforts revolve around banging on one BBC door and then another. If he tried that now, he'd be booted out of the company offices by lunchtime.

The countrified pop on offer here sadly didn't really get played on the radio, and as a result it joins the long, teetering pile of novelty singles nobody much cared about or picked up on at the time. John Carter gave up on pop music the very same year, and focussed his career on penning advertising jingles instead, writing work for Vauxhall and Rowntree amongst others. Despite this, he apparently still markets his back-catalogue through Sunny Records, including a great deal of unreleased material - here's hoping there's a few more "Laughing Man"s out there in the can.


Miscellaneous Fugitive said...

I can't believe it wasn't picked up and made a hit. Apart from the fact that it's quite bad. Even so, when I was tempted to remove it from my iTunes library, I hestitated... 'Does it deserve it?' I thought...

And then I realised the answer was 'Yes'.

Mondo said...

I thought it was going to be I Bet They Won't Play This Song On The Radio. But it sounds very much like Car 67 - another pop-nov' from the same time

23 Daves said...

You see, this is why I'm not usually catty about these singles in the main blog entries - the people commenting tend to do it so much better than I ever could.

Mondo - you do have a point with the Car 67 comparison, and that's something I hadn't thought about until you mentioned it (probably because I hadn't thought about Car 67 in a long time. I did used to own it as a kid, though).

Anthony Farthing said...

I love your blog! Any chance of a reupload of this? Cheers xxx Anthony