10 June 2010

Being Here and Yet Being Away At The Same Time

Right... I won't be online as often as I'd like over the next couple of weeks. That won't effect the blog, though - oh no. I've got enough entries stacked up and timed for twice-weekly release to keep you all happy. It does mean that I won't often be able to respond to comments or messages straight away though, so please be patient.

Whilst I'm typing this holding entry, you might also like to note that "Left and To The Back" now has a Facebook group here. Lots of mp3 blogs have been taken down over the last few months, and I've set the group up purely to keep people posted in case we have to move the blog for any reason.

And finally... Yes, Sharebee hasn't been brilliant on some of the old entries lately, but if you just stick to downloading them all via the Megaupload link on the Sharebee page you should be fine.

Wow. Like, wow. This may be the dullest entry I have ever posted here in the history of Left and to the Back-kind.

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