18 September 2010

One Hit Wonders #14 - Louise Cordet - I'm Just A Baby

Louise Cordet - I'm Just A Baby

Label: Decca
Year of Release: 1962

Whilst during the early sixties the charts were a relatively sluggish, straightforward place predominantly filled with gently melodic, middle of the road family fun, 1962 allowed a Swiss convent school attending god-daughter of Prince Philip to climb to number 13 with this slice of sauce.

Despite her relative immaturity, "I'm Just A Baby" appears to be warning us that she wouldn't be averse to some heavy petting action.  "I'm big enough to make the boys all stare", she sings defiantly and proudly, adding "ring a ding ding!" later on, which makes me wonder what everyone's favourite Greek racist Prince made of it all.  Somehow I suspect he probably approved, or perhaps it was even his idea.

"I'm Just A Baby" is proof positive that the use of teenage girls to suggestive ends is a pop trend which almost pre-dates The Beatles (who she supported on tour) and will probably remain an option for as long as the record buying public find it either shocking or arousing.  There is, however, a swinging air of innocence about this record which later attempts at cornering the market perhaps wouldn't be so full of.  You get the impression that a kiss and some dewy-eyed hand holding might be all you'll get if you do accept her proposition, that she enjoys the attention more than any action.  Tsk.  Those convent school girls and their wicked ways...  it's a stereotype without an end.

Still, for all her status in high society, money couldn't buy Cordet another hit single - further singles were largely ignored, and the music industry gave up on her by 1964.

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L said...

Nice write-up. She has a great voice, too.