23 April 2011

Easter Island

Elizabethan Astronaut 1

Er... sorry.  I know I usually do at least two entries a week here on "Left and to the Back", but it's a busy old hive here at the moment.  My blogging idleness in this instance is partly influenced by that and the fact that the stats for this site traditionally plummet over Easter anyway while you lot visit your relatives and stuff cocoa into your fat gobs.  While I'm not wanted, why should I put in the effort, eh?  Answer me that.  And anyway, it's been at least a year-and-a-half since this blog has had any sort of interruption or break.

"We wouldn't get this sort of silence from somebody who worked in the professional media, you know!"  Yes, I do know.  That's what happens when people deliver content for free, you naughty, Big Society dwelling Creme Egg lovers.

I'll be back on Wednesday with a proper update.  In the meantime, admire the picture of my Elizabethan Astronaut stacking record player above (forty pounds off ebay, a bargain) or visit some of the other blog links to the left of the page.  The grandly but accurately titled "Lord of the Boot Sale" is the undisputed novelty vinyl collecting champion, even having a copy of Jimmy Savile's much sought-after "Ahab the Arab".  Freaky Trigger are still continuing their detailed and fantastic reviews of every British number one single ever.   And "Yes It's Number One" are analysing the series of "Top of the Pops" repeats on BBC4.  If ye are desperate for web content, the content is there.

See you in a few days.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Are you always this dramatic? Must confess I haven't been on here since I first found this blog while Googling for something on the band Parchment (you should track down 'You are my Morning').

Thanks for the Lord of the Boot Sale heads up. Sounds like my kind of guy. PS: I'd send you an Easter egg, but I'm sure you wouldn't like them. 'appy easter, guv!

23 Daves said...

I'd love an Easter Egg sir, I've nothing against them. Not when people pay more attention to them than this blog though! (only joking, in reality I could use the downtime)

Will keep an eye open for the Parchment record you mention.