6 August 2011

It's going one time, it's going two times/ Sold to the gent who wears the stunned expression

I've started an ebay auction of several items which you can view here.

As you'll doubtless realise, most record collectors - and especially collectors who are obsessive enough to blog about it - do this sort of thing with a slightly heavy heart. Even if there are items in my collection I don't really want or have any further use for, I generally don't enjoy waving farewell to them (unless they're Freddie Starr items, which just go straight to the Salvation Army charity shop up the road).

Despite all this, I live in a tiny London flat which seems to be getting pokier by the day. This isn't helped by the collection of crates up against one of the walls. And far apart from that, I presently have to pay server fees to Box.net to keep this blog up and running without overload issues, and if I can claw back all of my monthly fees by doing this sort of thing on a regular basis, that will no longer feel like a loss during tight financial times.

There are ten singles for sale at the moment, some of which will be familiar to you. Hopefully one will be something you've thought you might quite like to own. Please do bid if so, and I await with interest to see if "100,000 Morrisseys" actually goes to a new home.

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