21 November 2011

The Pipe Dream - If You Do What You Gotta Do

Label: Decca (Belgium)
Year of Release: 1969 (?)

You say "popsike", I say "borderline bubblegum, actually" - let's call the whole thing off. As the sixties drew to a close and The Archies' "Sugar Sugar" dominated the number one spot in numerous countries around the world, a similar chirpiness began to leak out of recording studios from (often manufactured) acts hoping to replicate that carefree feel. A lot of psychedelic pop had similar world-loving breeziness in its favour, of course, but also peculiar undercurrents and effects. By 1969, a lot of pop had dispensed with these elements entirely to produce something a lot more straightforward, whilst the heavy dudes got into the beginnings of hard rock and prog instead.

Don't let that put you off, though, because whilst "If You Do What You Gotta Do" isn't the most challenging thing you'll hear all year, it's addictively gleeful stuff. The chipper string arrangements and honking organ noises create a track which sounds a cut above most lightweight productions, and the chorus has a mighty power to it which may have driven people mad had the record managed to be a hit in the UK. The less said about the B-side, however, the better.

It was actually issued by Penny Farthing in 1970 in this country, but failed to attract much attention. I have a suspicion that this may have managed to become a hit on the continent, however - this is a Belgian pressing and we can hopefully safely assume that this is where The Pipe Dream are from.  Information on the band is scarce, and all I've managed to ascertain is that they are definitely not the American harmony band who released the LP "Wanderers/ Lovers" in 1969. It's over to you lot, I'm afraid - any further information you can give me on this lot would be welcome.


Anonymous said...

hello there,been following your blog for quite a while now - keep up the digging, amazing selection round here. only noticed now you had the pentad (dont throw it all away) featured on a comp of yours - dyou own the 45? in this case,would you consider selling it? love it to bits. please be so kind and contact me: mrs.wallace@gmx.net much appreciated, ta mate x

23 Daves said...

I'm really sorry to say that I don't own the 45, despite trying to track it down at an affordable price for years. The recording I got was sourced from an mp3 I have.

Good luck in finding a copy. One turned up on ebay a year or so ago, but it ended up selling at a price way out of my league.

Skinny Robbie said...

This is confusing...my understanding is that the band is from Belgium, so the artist name on this 45 must be correct. The picture sleeve here...


...may be from the UK under the artist name, The Blackbirds, on Decca.

In the USA, the single was released on Parrot Records under te artist name, Peace Pipe (since, as you noted, The Pipe Dream on RCA Victor was already being used).


23 Daves said...

Thanks for the extra information Skinny Robbie, but what a mysterious state of affairs!

Have you heard The Blackbirds single? I'm guessing it's more likely than not to be the same artist since I can't imagine a band would cover both an A and B side of another act. But why bother with the change of name? Unless the US act were trying to market themselves in this country at the same time, but then again The Pipe Dream still issued the single (again) under their original name on Penny Farthing records. My head hurts.

Ghoulz said...

I wonder if this is the same 'Pipe Dream' that played at our local 'Kinema Ballroom' in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland in 1968? Surely there coupln't be two bands with such a relatively unusual name within a year or two of each other? check out KinemaGigz.com