25 March 2012

Painter Man (Oh, who would be a....)

Yep, you can't fail to have noticed, really - the painters and decorators have been in. I've just given the template for this blog a radical redesign and overhaul. As I stated in the birthday entry, four years is a long time for any blog or website to exist without any changes to its basic design at all, and it felt like time to move on to something a little more slick.

If you really dislike the new layout or find any elements of it trying, please let me know. It's likely I'll tweak a few things here and there as I go along, but please don't hold off from telling me if it's crashing or slowing down your machine, you're finding anything hard to read, or you just plain find the new layout utterly repugnant. If enough people complain, it's nothing I can't undo (though it's very unlikely that the blog will ever look exactly as it did before).

The new layout won't change the way the blog is written or organised in any other respect - I'm not planning to make the entries shorter, for example - so these are really just background changes rather than sweeping ones. Up and on...

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