4 June 2012

Steppin' Out/ Bob Morgan - Who's To Know/ You Got It

Label: Charly

Year of Release: 1978

We've all encountered Bob Morgan, of course... we explored his adventures in reggae in this previous entry, focussing in particular on "Marguerite" which was included on "Vision On" for a period in the seventies.

Record buyers probably had absolutely no idea that Morgan had any kind of recording history prior to that record, but here it is.  Unlike the largely instrumental pieces he composed for library music purposes whilst working for KPM, both sides of this disc have vocals and are, to be frank, not in the same league.  "Who's To Know" slides by without making much of an impression, and it's only really the B-side "You Got It" which burbles along pleasantly with rich organ noises and deep, thudding basslines.  Clearly Steppin' Out were a gigging reggae band around London at this time, but after this single flopped nobody really seemed keen to continue pushing their physical product - at least not until "Marguerite" became popular with children's TV viewers.

Morgan remains an active musician, working producing soundtracks for films and the theatre.  He is also a respected jazz musician on the London circuit.  

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