27 August 2012

Helen Day's Wild Affair - The Face That Broke A Thousand Hearts/ City Life

Label: Buzz Records
Year of Release: 1983

It's another trip to the Mystery Inn, I'm afraid, where the bands play late night sets but shroud their identities behind baggy gowns and hoods.  Or, to put it a less ridiculous way, I haven't the first clue who Helen Day's Wild Affair were, where they were from (although the Internet hints the North East of England may be a likely region), or what happened to them.

Side A is chipper pop with buzzing synthesisers, slap bass and confidently performed vocals which would date it squarely as being an early eighties recording session even if we didn't have the 1983 copyright on the label to guide us.  The flip, on the other hand, is smokier and vaguely reminiscent of Randy Crawford in its stylings.

I had originally suspected that this may be a vanity pressing put together by a touring cabaret act, or perhaps the kind of single management companies put together to showcase their new acts, but the existence of at least two other Buzz records (presuming the catalogue number of BUZZ 3 isn't a red herring) blow that idea out of the water.  As usual, if anyone knows anything more, please leave a comment.

Apologies for the horrible pops and clicks on Side Two, but they do clear up as the record gradually progresses.


Anonymous said...

A great band playing to packed clubs in the North East in the early to mid 1980s. One of the first bands to use a pc onstage, in these parts anyway. A brilliant front person, truly stunning and moreover, a fantastic voice. Always a joy to see, I hope she's still performing.

Tim Waterhouse said...
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Anonymous said...

Helen Day/Jowitt is currently living in Australia I believe. She was called Helen Day but then married her partner and band member, Jonathan Jowitt. I know, I was at their wedding in 1978 in Bradford. We lived next door but one to them. They had a big shaggy Old English Sheepdog called Matt. Their tour bus was a big old Mercedes van. Search also for Helen Day and the Catch.

Anonymous said...

I rtemember Heled Day and Catch playing at "La Dolce Vita" in Birmingham. Great band, really tight and Helen had a truly amazing voice. They had a single called "I got the catch". they would do some covers, some original material, mainly up tempo but somewhere around the middle she would tear your heart out with "Over the Rainbow". Oh yea and hse was gorgeous. Mark

clive gilbert said...

Helen Day (Coleman) was from Ollerton, Nottinghamshire.

A lovely lady, who I had the privilege of dating for a while,...too many years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Not True about the Dating.xXxX won New Faces in 1974. Signed to Phonogram.Produced by Tony Hatch and Bougattie and Musker. Now in Australia. Love Helen Day xxx