28 August 2012

Reupload Time

Many moons ago - I'm too embarrassed to put an accurate timescale on this - I acknowledged that the mp3s for a lot of the blog entries prior to February 2010 were offline, and that I would slowly set about remedying this situation as and when time permitted.  And... time hasn't permitted, really.  I have received a few friendly reminders from people, but tackling the backlog feels a bit like dismantling a slag-heap with the aid of a teaspoon.

Still, a small piece of happy news is afoot - three more entries are back online!  Sing joy to the world!  They are the following efforts below:

Monaco - God Only Knows/ Earthy.  Brian Wilson's classic turned into a bizarre piece of smooth soul designed for bedroom seduction.  The flip-side "Earthy", on the other hand, grooves up an old-school electronic keyboard and wah-wah driven disco storm.

Mr. Floppy - 100,000 Morrisseys.  Morrissey-baiting Australian indie single complete with Smiths samples - I sold my copy of this awhile back, but luckily for you all my mp3 copies have remained in a safe place.

The Jeeps - He Saw Eesaw/ Music Goes Around.  Beach Boys inspired piece of British independent sixties pop, very hard to come by these days.

These entries were originally put up in the early weeks of January 2010, and there's a chance you may have missed them first time around, or if you're a new reader you'll never have heard them in the first place.

While we're in the subject, I also plan to remove the link to the download for the "Wallpaper" psychedelic compilation at some point after the next couple of weeks, so if you haven't downloaded a copy yet, you'd be advised to do it some time soon.  I do think it's one of the best homebrew compilations I ever uploaded on to this blog, and it flows fantastically well - but for various reasons, it can't have a permanent home here, and it may have to disappear into the ether for a bit.  At least I warned you first...

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