18 August 2012

The King Of The Castle

Short notice, I realise, but short notice is better than none...

I'll be DJ'ing with John The Revelator at The Castle in Whitechapel, London tonight from 8:30pm(ish) until the wee hours. You hopefully don't need to be told what to expect, but just in case you do it will involve garage pop, mod, soul and funk.  Some "Left and to the Back" records will inevitably feature, just don't expect to hear anything contemplative or downtempo.

You can find more information about the bar here, including directions - please do drop by.  It's going to be a very hot, sticky night in London tonight, you're not going to get any sleep at home, so you may as well sweat it out with the rest of us.

Oh, and ignore the picture of the stacking record player above.  It's merely there for illustrative effect - I'm not actually going to attempt to DJ on it.  

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