7 March 2013

Injun Jo - Feel The Rhythm Inside/ Jawbone

Label: York Records
Year of Release: 1973

We've already (briefly) explored the career of Miki Anthony on this blog back when I uncovered a Mark Wirtz produced acetate of "Knight In White Armour", and this particular disc stems from a later part of his career when he found himself working for York Records, a subsidiary of Yorkshire Television.  

The A-side offers nothing unusual in the slightest, and is in fact a particularly sprightly piece of pop which was unlucky not to have been a hit.  "Feel The Rhythm Inside" has clattering drums, bass piano notes, an euphoric chorus and a general sense that all is well on the suburban dancefloor.  There's nothing radical or original about it, but it's a serviceable example of a particular strain of non-glam pop music that was faring reasonably well in Britain at the time.

Far more absurd is the B-side which can only be described as a country/ trucking song sung by daleks, or at the very least Miki Anthony doing a very good impersonation of a dalek.  The story behind this, so far as I can ascertain, is also a bit odd.  Earlier in 1973 York Records had slated a record for release by a group called The Daleks entitled "Feel It Inside" with "Jawbone" listed as the flip.  Copies of this have never actually been seen, and the qualified guess of most record collectors (and Doctor Who collectors) is that somebody at the Yorkshire media company got jittery about copyright violation and getting into trouble with the BBC.  This would have applied even if the single were issued on a standard record label, but one with close affiliations to their rival station ITV would surely have come in for a giant whacking from the legal beagles.  Whether "Feel It Inside" was a different version of this A-side sung in the voice of a dalek, the same track or another track entirely is impossible to say, and chances are only Miki Anthony or an ex-employee of York Records would be likely to know.  

Whatever the facts, the B-side is a right old racket, and the humorous novelty factor of daleks trucking across the country exterminating quickly loses its appeal.  It's bizarre, make no mistake, but has all the hallmarks of an off-the-cuff flip side, which is a shame given the potential of the idea.  


Anonymous said...

the Daleks 7" does exist York SYK 554. re:20/4/73 not sure if the A-side is the same, but I expect so..the "original" is 2 minutes 20

23 Daves said...

Thanks... have you seen a physical copy of this or just seen it in the catalogue listings? Sorry for asking, but this is the first online confirmation I've had from any source that SYK 554 actually exists and wasn't withdrawn from release.

Mark b said...

it is a physical copy... Its a demo, XDR.53183 SYK 554 with release date noted as:20-4-73, the injun jo came out about a month later according to a copy on 45 cat an is 2 seconds shorter @ 2.18!,
..anyway The Daleks was pressed as a demo anyway..

23 Daves said...

That's really interesting! I think a lot of people (or the handful of people with the slightest interest in this, anyway) presumed it was never really pressed up. Of course, it's possible that it never really went past demo pressings and the Injun Jo version was the only one that made it to the shops... but that's something more people probably need to confirm.

Would be good to clear this one up eventually.

45cat will be looking for a scan of the record if you have access to a copy... http://www.45cat.com/record/syk554

Mark b said...

sorry for my delay..just played it to compare and the A-side is different..slight effect on singers voice(not totally dalek-ified though!) lyrics more risqué--" feel it inside of you/ push abit harder babe/ feel it inside" ..so I would say aswell as the band name the lyrics were abit too naughty to begin with an maybe that also got it shelved. I don't have a scanner an I'm not great with computers but
if it helps confirm anything matrixs
aside XDR- 53183-T1-C1 ---"feel it inside"timed at 2.20 different version
bside XDR- 53184-T1-C1 ---"jawbone"sounds the same as injun jo

Mark b said...
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Mark b said...

the music to "feel it inside" is the same..its just a different vocal take...so nothing amazingly exciting..but I guess this release will be of particular interest to Whovarions..or whatever dr who collectors are called!
all the best

23 Daves said...

Thanks for that, Mark - so perhaps copyright issues were not the problem after all, but smutty lyrics... I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for the original now.

Mark b said...

Yeah a smutty Dr who related record on a label run by ITV = lots of potential problems there! I added it onto discogs now. I got the last bit of the matrix the wrong way round on here it ends with 1C on both sides.