21 September 2014

Ebay Clearout

Three problems for me at the moment - one, I've booked a holiday I can barely afford (aw diddums, come the sarcastic cries).
Two, my flat is getting cluttered with vinyl, some of which I could probably live without (I have duplicate copies of some records, for example).
Three, I am charged a monthly server fee for hosting the mp3s on this blog. It doesn't seem like much, but across the whole year it does add up.

Time for an ebay sale, then. And this time, there are some pretty impressive rarities on sale. It will be sad to kiss goodbye to some of them, but in reality I played them very infrequently, and I'm just not the kind of person who has the space to keep records carefully sleeved and placed in polythene bags so I can pull them out and show them off to my friends or coo admiringly at them during dull weekends. For a start, most of my friends couldn't care less.

Anyway, here's what's for sale. Audio clips can be played so you can hear the quality. Go here to listen and bid:

THE END: Shades of Orange / Loving Sacred Loving (Yes, it is the original, not the Acme reissue)
DAVE ALLEN: The Good Earth
THORINSHIELD: Lonely Mountain Again (UK Philips Pressing)
ELLIOT MANSIONS: I Don't Want To Live Inside Myself
MIKI: Knight In White Armour (Mark Wirtz produced acetate)
ORANGE BICYCLE: Carry That Weight You Never Give Me Your Money
MARK WIRTZ: Here's Our Dear Old Weatherman
DREAM POLICE: I'll Be Home In A Day Or So / Living Is Easy
THE DISCOUNTS: Selling Records
THE HITMEN: I Still Remember It
LONDON PLEASURES: London Pleasures / Summer of Love
CAVALRY TWILL: All You Need Is Love

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