12 February 2015

The Magicians - The Liars (Theme)/ Poggy Goes Pop

Label: Decca
Year of Release: 1966

It sometimes feels as if every single theme tune to a vaguely popular sixties TV show was released as a seven inch single, and here's another addition to the bunch - the plucky introductory ditty to the innovative drama series "The Liars".

"The Liars" was actually a popular programme during its run, though only nine 55 minute episodes were ever made. Consisting of actors Ian Ogilvy, William Mervyn, Nyree Dawn Porter and Isla Blair, the concept was that each performer would attempt to outdo the others with an unlikely tale, usually adapted from a classic short story. There's a clip on YouTube which gives you a flavour of the tone and mood of the show.

The theme itself is a rather squeaky little affair, and slightly dated sounding for 1966. Still, it has a certain instro-beat swing to it, and has slipped into almost complete obscurity since the programme's heyday - and what am I here for, eh? 


Anonymous said...

Especially the B-side is a very rare and hard to find track

Many thanks again

Greetings Albert

Arthur Nibble said...

I love these old telly finds. Well played indeed.

Graham Clayton said...

What is the lead instrument? I thought it was an off-key clarinet, and then a theremin, but the more I listen, the less sure I am!

23 Daves said...

Mmmm… good question. Anyone know? It also sounds like it could be Sweep from the Sooty Show moonlighting in a vocal slot…

radioman01 said...

The lead instrument was played by Edward Owen 'Poggy' Pogson. Hence Poggy Goes Pop. Pogson was a talented multi reed player with roots stretching way back to the 1920s dance-band days of Jack Payne and Jack Hylton. He was also in Victor Silvester's orchestra for more than 25 years.