18 April 2015

Big Green Jammboree - 23rd April

If you've been reading this blog for long enough, you'll tend to know that I don't really mention politics here a great deal (unlike on my Twitter feed). It's not really part of the site's mission statement. Though thinking about it, we don't even really have a mission statement, unless "Visit charity shops, record shops, ebay and boot sales and come home with a ton of weird records and write about them" could be adequately described as that.

However, for the last year-and-a-half now I've been working with the Green Party in the Lambeth area, helping to give their progressive anti-austerity policies greater emphasis locally. And now they're throwing a pre-election gig. A big one. A Big Green Jammboree, at the Jamm club on the Brixton Road on the 23rd April.

Performing live will be The Discount Orchestra with their "seven piece blend of dance-floor stomp", Rachel D'Arcy and her Ukelele, and Hornman "providing underground bass and beats with earthy guitar and trippy vocals".

Non members of the party are obviously welcome to attend, and the Facebook details for the event can be found here, with the EventBrite ticket details here. It should be a very good evening indeed, whether you're interested in the Green Party or not. If it's not a great night, I'll happily give you a free copy of Paul Nicholas' "Reggae Like It Used To Be" with its surprise psychedelic B-side "Lamplighter" on the way out.

(That's a lie. I won't).

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