6 January 2016

Giggles - Reaching Out/ Street Dancer

Label: EMI
Year of Release: 1977

When writing about music, there's a temptation to apply strict chapter headings to certain eras and movements, but things are seldom that simple. As late as 1979 Racey were tearing up the charts with the none-more-RAK offering "Some Girls", producing a sound that owed a bigger debt to Mud than The Clash. While that offering is a particularly peculiar anomaly, the late seventies were riddled with rock offerings that could have easily been issued three or four years ahead of their debut.

"Reaching Out" by Giggles in one such effort. Chugging along and pouting defiantly, putting on a Jagger sneer for anyone who dares approach, it's tinseltown rock and roll with a bit of attitude. Occupying the uncomfortable middle ground between The Faces and Hello, it has a definite swagger lacking in many of the singles of the time. 

My wife has voiced her uneasiness with the lyrical content, stating that the track belongs among the grand canon of what she calls "Sex Pest Rock and Roll". While the lyrics definitely do seem to state "Reaching out and touching you - ooh, touch touch! Ooooh, touch touch!" I'm confident that the band are talking about touring and bringing their sounds to fresh, new audiences, and all the excitement and enriching experiences such endeavours can bring. However, if you want to imagine a rocker running around interfering with ladies in a nightclub while this song plays, that's entirely your own choice. Since Benny Hill died, we've all had to use our imaginations, after all.

Giggles produced a number of singles in the seventies before morphing into the rather more New Wave act The Giants, who signed to RCA. Given their relatively long career, they should be easy to trace online - but they really aren't. It's impossible to find line-up details anywhere, with even the trusty old tome "Tapestry of Delights" turning up nothing. If you know more, please do pass on the information.

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VanceMan said...

If I didn't know better by the date, you could have slipped these two songs on any "glam" compilation and I wouldn't have been any the wiser. This must have sounded out of date in a post-glam / pre-Joan Jett-glam-revivial world. Not bad, just not ... of the moment.