1 October 2016

On The Wheels of Steel (But Not Playing Stealers Wheel)

All you Londoners, and indeed anyone within easily commutable distance... I'm set to make two DJ'ing appearances over the next couple of weeks, and I thought I'd let you know about what and where they are.

The first is this coming Wednesday 5th October at the Sebright Arms in Hackney, where I'll be providing the vinyl backdrop at the UK album launch of New York anti-folk legend Seth Faergolzia (of Dufus infamy - and if you chaps haven't checked out Dufus, remedy that immediately now. They were responsible for one of the most mindblowing live shows I saw last decade, believe it or not).

Also on the bill are 11th Hour Adventists (featuring ex-Swell Mapper Jowe Head) and muscular indie pop from The Reverse.

I asked the organiser Joe "Blang" Murphy what he wanted me to do on the night, and he was rather laissez-faire, to be frank. So I'll probably just bring lots of things along that I think an audience prone to going out on Autumn nights to watch very left-field alternative music will enjoy, so expect garage rock, psychedelia, post punk, indie, and whatever oddments slip under my paw, and maybe even Big Cherry if I get drunk enough.

The Facebook details are here for those of you who do Facebook.

And THEN...

On Friday 14th October I'll be back at Grow in Hackney from 7pm - 2am doing another one of their close-to-becoming-really-rather-popular Northern Soul nights along with John The Revelator of Dirty Water and Heatwave and Jonathan Dabner of the Dugout Soul Club.

This, my friends, is a brilliant venue to play Northern Soul all until really early in the morning - it's an ex-warehouse with a huge, high ceiling which the music reverberates off just like it would have done in those Wigan Casino days. If you don't go to this Northern Soul night, and instead mope off to one held in an old pub backroom somewhere, you can count me as being officially disappointed.

Here's the Facebooky thing. 

Two very different things, then. See you at one or both of them. I will. Won't I?

(It also occurs to me that one of these DJ'ing gigs is something John Peel would have approved of, while the other is something Tony Blackburn would enjoy. I am, quite clearly, all things to all people...) 

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