26 October 2016

The Size Seven Group - Where Do We Go From Here/ 'Til I Die

Label: Mercury
Year of Release: 1965

Well, where do we go from here? Is it down to the lake, I fear? No, don't be silly.

The Size Seven Group hailed from Corby in Northamptonshire and were at one time named by Burt Weedon as "the greatest semi-professional group in Britain". Consisting of six members, namely Alan Black on bass, George Cumming on piano and vocals, Billy Geary on guitar and harmonica, Brian Lynn-Dowell on vocals, Billy Nicol on drums and Jack Stewart on lead guitar, they were an extremely popular and successful group in the local area, and their first single "Crying My Heart Out" was issued by the local label Rendezvous. The lack of other releases from that particular label would suggest that it existed briefly and solely to give The Size Seven Group a leg up.

This was a successful move, and resulted in the group being signed to Mercury where they remained for a further three singles, of which "Where Do We Go From Here?" was the first. It's a nice little beat pop ditty which caused enough ripples in the UK to get the American branch of Mercury Records to issue the track stateside. It wasn't a proper hit on either side of the pond, however, and the UK-only follow-up singles "It's Got To Be Love" and "In Time" completely failed to register with the public.

The Size Seven Group aren't really a particularly collectible act, their locally released debut aside, and that's arguably because there's no real edge to anything they produced. They existed mainly to deliver slick, professional versions of harmony ballads and light pop, not garage rock, soul or psychedelia. That said, they're occasionally acknowledged as being a rather overlooked British band in the world of mid-sixties pop, and an exceptional live act for the period. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dave
Hard to find these singles
Greetings Albert

GEORGE CUMMING piano, vcls A
BILLY GEARY gtr, hrmnca A

1 Crying My Heart Out/So How Come (Rendezvous PR 5020) 1964
2 Where Do We Go From Here/Till I Die (Mercury MF 845) 1965
3 In Time/Walking Proud (Mercury MF 854) 1965
4 It's Got To Be Love/I Met Her In The Rain (Mercury MF 896) 1965

Despite the name the group had just six members. They played around the dance halls in the early sixties and specialised in harmony ballad

john111257 said...

What a cracker of a tune, deserved to be a hit, great harmonies, self written too

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Unknown said...

George Cumming is my farther in law how do I get a copy of the record for a Xmas present

23 Daves said...

Hi - if you'd got hold of me a couple of months ago, I could have helped you... but unfortunately this single was the victim of a recent clear-out of mine!

Discogs has a copy for sale for £1.99, so I'd jump in there quickly if I were you. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/6733749?ev=rb