5 October 2016

The Weltons - Hang 10 Hang 10/ Ali Cat

Label: Decca
Year of Release: 1977

The seventies was an era completely awash with family bands, from The Jacksons to The Osmonds to The Nolans, but The Weltons (Steve, Paul, Julie and Mark) never really achieved the heights of any of those three bands. They came close to mainstream fame on a variety of occasions, enjoying television exposure in the late seventies on "Opportunity Knocks" and elsewhere. They also earned a chance to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1982 (they were beaten by Bardo) but overall, it was a case of "close but no cigar".

"Hang 10 Hang 10" is probably the finest single in their largely ignored catalogue, being a fairly rough and ready pub rock/ glam hybrid dedicated to the joys of surfing. Filled with catchy analogue synth noises and a simple and effective guitar riff, it's stripped back and basic stuff, but no worse for it.

Sadly, one gets the feeling that all this was a bit too old hat for 1977, and their sound - neither punk nor disco nor hard rock - struggled to find a place in the hearts of music lovers at that time. Following their failure to represent Britain at Eurovision, they appeared to fade away from public sight, though you have to wonder if they occasionally get their amps and guitars out at Christmasses and weddings in the Welton clan. I'd like to think so.


Simon Mclean said...

'Ali Cat' was the theme tune from 'Magic Circle', a kids TV magic show starring ventriloquist Ray Alan. Ali Cat was Alan's puppet.

Anonymous said...

Superb Dave !!

Thank you so much, Albert

Saint Jude said...


I've been browsing for an hour or so, having a fine time. Thanks.

Yet, I must protest: "Sadly, one gets the feeling that all this was a bit too old hat for 1977"
In fact, it was an attempt to be totally up-to-date for '77 (if my memory serves).

Do a 180, and tic-tac back to listen to those lyrics a little more closely, sir :)

Hint: https://youtu.be/fRV4msmCCcg