13 November 2016

Seth Martin - Mystery Lady/ What A Lovely Way To Spend Forever

Label: Page One
Year of Release: 1969

I'm afraid this is yet another one of those sixties records where the flip is considerably more interesting than the A-side. What you get on the "plug side" is a rather syrupy Cook and Greenaway ballad which really isn't the greatest thing either wrote. "Mystery Lady", on the other hand, is a peppy, bouncing piece of brass-riddled pop with its fists punched in the air and an anthemic chorus at its heart. It's occasionally labelled as "Northern Soul" elsewhere, but I don't believe it ever got a spin at any of the famous soul clubs. 

As for who Seth Martin is, I can't seem to find any useful information anywhere. There have been a number of suggestions that he's actually the songwriter David Martin operating under another name, but no proof. If you know anything for sure, please let me know. 


Anonymous said...

Absolutely unknown for me

Thank you !!


Doctor Gaz said...

I've heard numerous versions of "Mystery Lady" over the years and have always assumed that The Mirage had the original http://www.45cat.com/record/pof078 - also on the Page One label

Anonymous said...

Yes, the original was recorded by The Mirage; Hertford-based band
Mystery lady by THe Mirage is on different compilations


John South said...

Seth Martin did have a record on Page One that was played at some Northern Soul clubs but it's not this one. It is actually the flip of POF 073 'Look At Me'.