2 November 2016

The Predictions - Su-p-er-i-or Plan/ True Love Is Strange

Label: T&T
Year of Release: 1968

Right. Obscure privately pressed sixties records are a common enough phenomenon in the USA that I shouldn't really be surprised by the sight of yet another one, but still... this confuses me for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it crops up in the online marketplace relatively frequently, suggesting that it was probably pressed up in ambitious quantities at the time. Secondly, the production is professional enough to suggest that it wasn't simply a few local teenage scruffs heading down to the cheap local studio to quickly record a garage rock record. 

But for all that, I've sod all idea who The Predictions were. Given that this is the only release I've been able to trace on T&T Records, though, it seems reasonably safe to assume that the label was set up purely for the benefit of promoting the group, and had no loftier long-term ambitions in mind. 

The music is fairly straight-ahead late sixties American pop, with chirpy interchanged vocals between a male and female vocalist who were clearly the centre-piece of the band. It's peppy and not at all bad, but not remotely "hip" for the era, leading me to suspect that The Predictions might have been a provincial club act trying to get noticed beyond their usual haunts. The B-side, on the other hand, is a very sparse, minimal and haunting ballad. 

If anyone has any ideas, let me know. 

Sorry for the pops and crackles on the B-side, folks. 


Anonymous said...

Superb Dave

Never heard from these guys !!

Many thanks


Anonymous said...

More info from the Predictors here on this link



23 Daves said...

Thanks for that information, Albert!

brucster99 said...

Love the b-side of this. Unfortunately, your link above is for another band called, The Predictions. I did wonder about that when I checked the link and didn't see a female in the line-up. That band released one 45 on the M.A.A. label called, "Happy Hollow Lane/I lost my mind", so the search continues. BTW, a copy of the other bands sole 45 is on Ebay for £160+ !

brucster99 said...

Just found a copy of The Predictions "SU-P-ER-I-OR Plan" 45 on Musicstack if anyone's interested for roughly £20 inc. p&p but it's only in vg+ condition.