21 January 2018

The Troys - Gotta Fit You Into My Life/ Take Care

Label: Tower
Year of Release: 1968

Chicago's The Troys were something of a starting base for numerous people who went on to join other (arguably more significant) musical projects. Featuring the likes of Mark Gallagher, who joined The Litter,  Michael Bean, who later graced Lovecraft and The Call with his presence, and having this single penned by Bob Susser who later went on to become a writer and performer of children's music, there was certainly no shortage of talent in the group.

Both sides of this 45 consist of lushly arranged, orchestrally backed pop with harmony vocals at the forefront. The A-side is pleasant but possibly doesn't have a strong enough hook to really stand out - for my money (and it is, after all, my money) the flip has more of a swing and an organ-based groove to it, and might please readers of this blog a bit more. Either road, though, leads to slightly hippified sunshine pop, and that can never be a totally bad thing. 

After release flopped, The Troys seem to have popped up again as Pendragon for their last release on Tower "Never Gonna Go Back", which was recently included on the "High All The Time" compilation series.

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