21 February 2018

Chuckles - Never/ Painting The Day

Tightly arranged and performed 60s pop from Mancs featured on "Piccadilly Sunshine"

Label: CBS
Year of Release: 1969

Chuckles - or "The Chuckles" as they were known prior to the late sixties - were a powerful gigging band with a solid reputation in the Manchester area. Starting off as a soul group and gradually evolving into a slick pop style, they were known for their highly competent cover versions, including an apparently impressive live take on the Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" (which I'd have been very curious to hear).

They were signed to Polydor in 1966 after a rep from that company spoke to their manager on the phone while he was present at one of their gigs, and heard the wild audience applause in the background. This must surely count as one of the few group signings done on the basis of overheard noise over a phone call. While Polydor didn't regret the deal and put out "Three Short Days", the single completely flopped, and they were cut loose for awhile, only to re-emerge on CBS for two singles in 1968.

"Never" was their last shot at a hit, and is very smartly arranged and smoothly delivered, filled with warm vocal harmonies and bright, brassy sounds. While it failed to perform much better in terms of sales, it's since picked up some keen admirers online, and the flip side "Painting The Day" has become commercially available again thanks to an appearance on the "Piccadilly Sunshine" compilation series. For that reason we can't include it for download here, but head over to YouTube if you want to hear more.

There's also a section on the "Manchester Beat" website giving much more information on the group's line-up and history. 

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