25 April 2008

Bang Bang Machine - Geek Love

Year of Release: 1992 and 1993
Label: Jimmy Kidd Records and Ultimate Records respectively

This may be the least imaginative entry I will ever make to this here blog, since this has already been discussed half-to-death on other sites all over the world wide web. That's for a particularly good reason, though, as "Geek Love" is a true gem of a single, good enough to win the Festive Fifty on John Peel's show in 1992, in fact.

Whilst John Peel and his listeners are known for championing a lot of material that never gets off the ground, it's extremely rare for a Festive Fifty winner to come out of the bag from an artist who then never receives even moderate chart success. This is precisely what happened here, though, and following the band's release of the record on their own label in '92, it was reissued in '93 by Ultimate Records with grand hopes - but no major action beyond one solitary showing on the Chart Show indie chart.

I'm prone to bragging that bands featured here also released a lot of other material which is "well worth checking out", but sadly in Bang Bang Machine's case I think it's fair to say that they peaked with this effort, and never quite recaptured the same glory again. Still, though, it's a peak most bands could only dream of reaching, and it deserves a damn sight more acclaim than a bunch of blogs on the Internet frothing about it. If I had to place money on one flop record from the nineties getting used on an advert or a television programme and then going on to sell stacks of units - this would be it. Enjoy. The full nine minute version can be found on one of those new-fangled YouTube not-videos below.


BLTP said...

I never realised the lead singer was so easy on the eye (the hat is very early 90's). I heard some of the other s stuff and it was poor, this is one of those songs that seems wrong to listen to in the daylight!

Anonymous said...

After 17 years BANG BANG MACHINE re-release their back catalogue on I-TUNES!