11 April 2008

Golden Section - Young Mavericks

Golden Section - Young Mavericks

Artist: Golden Section
Single: Young Mavericks/ Close Quarters/ Can’t See The Light
Label: Diversion
Year of issue: 1991

Given the proliferation of blogs focusing on lost indie gems from the early nineties (see the links to Box Set Go and Midway Still on the left, and then do a google search to find endless others) it’s slightly surprising that “Young Mavericks” doesn’t seem to have been given any attention anywhere yet. This received rave reviews in the weekly music press, to the extent that the NME saw fit to give them an interview in their “On” section and also listed the single in the end-of-year “On list” – meaning that they thought it was one of the best recordings by a new band in 1991.

The Roman Jugg produced “Young Mavericks” is indeed the kind of ditty which would have got music journalists very hot under the collar at the time. A storming, sneering song which namechecks Rimbaud and Baudelaire, it has Statement of Intent written all over it. Such pretentious arrogance on debut singles always got the press to prick up their ears, but that’s not all it has to offer – there’s an infectious energy on display too, and an urgent chorus (which admittedly takes rather too long to kick in). The drums pound, rattle and roll, the guitars feedback joyously, and the keyboard sounds as if it’s engaged in a battle with an irritated and writhing octopus. In short, it’s huge fun, and if the band had actually made it there’s no doubt it would have been the monstrous, firework display launching finale piece to their festival shows.

For all that, the sound here is most definitely in an early nineties Evening Session vein, and whilst there’s a certain sixties garage undertone to the whole thing, there’s little question there are elements of Jesus Jones and The Wonder Stuff in the mix as well. Depending upon your point of view, you will either find that charming or utterly irritating.

True to the final line on the A-side here, Golden Section did indeed “burn out”. Following this acclaimed single, they split up within a matter of months and with no public explanation. Some members splintered off to form The Earthtrippers (a band I know absolutely nothing about) whilst lead singer Paul Tunkin created retro mod band The Weekenders, who enjoyed a slightly higher profile. These days, he’s better known as the DJ at the legendary Blow Up club in London, and puts together the tracklistings for their compilation albums featuring obscure sixties library and lounge music. A man after Left and to the Back’s own heart, then.

Golden Section were also from Southend, a town I lived in for a number of years. I was possibly too young when they were at their peak to make accurate judgments, but the energy on this single does seem to sum up their live act. They were known for being one of the more full throttle bands in the region, and regularly played to packed and sweaty venues, also earning prestigious support slots in London with the likes of The Verve.

Of the B-sides, I’ve only included the slightly haunting, icy “Close Quarters” as part of the download, as “Can’t See The Light” is a wee bit too indie-pop-by-numbers for my liking – but if enough people want me to upload that one as well, then I will.


Unknown said...

Just discovered your blog thanks for kind review
I was the drummer for the golden section back in those heady indie days great and chaotic memory's ! We did have some good media attention and you said we did burn out ! We did some recording for major record company but didn't work out and we went our separate ways did some great gigs with likes of blur verve surpot and headline ..we just imploded but hey we had our 15 min of fame .. 😎✌️

23 Daves said...

Thanks for dropping by! I found the buzz around Golden Section hugely exciting at the time- you all seemed to me to be a rare case of a local band who clearly had the goods to break through on a national level (Of course, My Life Story were also active at that time, but hadn't quite found their feet yet and weren't really that highly regarded by any of us.)

I've always thought the drumming on "Young Mavericks" was brilliant. It's a really powerful nugget to leave the world, and I hope that in the not-too-distant future when people start producing box sets of nineties rarities, it will have a rightful place.

hantscolin said...

I was just thinking of this tune and went to play the MP3.
I thought that I had it.
Gary Crowley championed the song in its day.
Never understood why it wasn't huge.
Is there an MP3 available?
There is nothing on the web apart from 12" vinyl.
Thanks in advance if there is (the link didn't work)

23 Daves said...

Hi - thanks for reminding me! I had no idea this link had come offline.

You can get the mp3s here:

hantscolin said...

Wow! Thanks for the fast reply and adding the link.
Looking forward to listening to the B-sides