6 September 2016

DJ'ing at Mews Festival 2016, Muswell Hill

It's been awhile, but I'll be back at the Avenue Mews Festival, Muswell Hill this Saturday (10th September) to do a bit of DJ'ing on vintage 70s equipment (pictured) with Sean Bright.

It will run from 7pm - 11pm and feature live music, street food, open studios, an open air cinema, vintage shopping, cocktails, and other such good things.

If you want to catch me or Sean spinning discs among the many other things going on, we'll be frightening people's children (who should be in bed by 5pm anyway, frankly, who do they think they are?) with our music in Can't Buy Me Love, Jet Payne's brilliant clothes store. They'll also have a Mojito stall inside, and you will know us by the queue trailing out of the door.

The Facebook event page is here, but to clarify here's a flyer:

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