18 September 2016

Dedicated Men's Jugband - Boodle-Am-Shake/ Come On Boys

Label: Piccadilly
Year of Release: 1965

If there's one thing nobody's bothered to write a sixties article about (so far as I know) it's the incredible volume of jugbands who made themselves known throughout the decade. You would have thought that in an era of rapidly changing recording studio technology and ever-evolving sounds, the sixties would have been very keen to shake them off - but no. Even in the late sixties The Purple Gang were deemed strange counter-culture heroes, and at the turn of the seventies Mungo Jerry's sound owed a debt to the movement.

Verifiable facts about the Dedicated Men's Jugband are hard to come by, but they had two releases out on the Pye subsidiary label Piccadilly, this and the follow-up "Don't Come Knocking". We also know (from the signed copy of this very 45 alone) that they consisted of Seth Copeland, Mick Sutton, Paul Birkbeck, Wink, Ray Butt (?), Lyn Birkbeck and Roger Mills, and they somehow were lucky enough to get a promo film made for themselves by Pathe.

Copies of their records are thin enough on the ground to suggest that they sold poorly at the time, but "Boodle-Am-Shake" is a real tonic - a preposterous, speedy little ditty which belts along at such a pace it's almost hard to keep up with it. You can understand why Pye took a gamble on them, despite them possibly seeming like a rather unlikely prospect.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dave

The only single by the band, superb

Greetings Albert

Dave Allen said...

Couple of things - I always thought the jug player was Seth COPAS but maybe not? Mick Sutton's brother John was the drummer in the Downliners Sect. I've still got a photo of them but hadn't heard anything by them since the 1960s when I remember especially Boodle am Shake.

Anonymous said...

Dedicated Men Jug Band line-up:
Ray Ball - kazoo, vocals
Wink Stinton - slide whistle
Roger Miles - kazoo, vocals
Seth Copas - jug
Paul Birkbeck - banjo, saw, phonofiddle
Lyn Birkbeck - guitar, vocals
Mick Sutton - washboard, percussion

2 singles: Boodle-am-Shake/Come On Boys (1964) & Don't Come Knocking/One Time Blues (1965)

Ray Ball said...

Wink, Roger and ! rendered 'Boodle-am-Shake' next to Paul's coffin in Putney Vale Crematorium 27 Sep 2019, probably our last performance!
Ray Ball

Unknown said...

Hi. Just stumbled across this just now.I have some hand written stuff,8/9pages, including bios, that i acquired years ago i guess written by one of you?Obviously for print as noted to use Gill bold.You are down as 24yrs old! Maybe of interest to you and the others. Cheers!