27 April 2009

YouTube update

You'll possibly have noticed that I don't tend to bother with YouTube updates anymore. This isn't because they are, as a friend of mine once put it, the most idle form of blog entries which are merely capitalising on somebody else's hard uploading work, but because... well, YouTube's in a bit of a state right now, isn't it? No sooner has somebody uploaded a delicious vid for us all to savour than it's been ripped down by angry legal executives working for a company who have no intention of ever issuing the material on DVD anyway*. In fact, the main reason I haven't uploaded anything there myself in so long is partly because my Panasonic video-DVD convertor broke not too long ago, and by the time I got it fixed there was an almighty purge on the service, and half of what I had already uploaded to view was ripped down in the process. "Best leave it until things settle down a bit," I thought.

For similar reasons, one doesn't want to look like a hopeless tart and post a link to a video on YouTube here for something which disappears two days later, so I hope I don't land anyone in hot water by saying that the user Beyondthebeat has some amazing videos for you all to watch. It's a sixties obscurity lover's haven, featuring videos for singles I would have had no idea had promos in the first place - The Third Rail's "Run Run Run", for example, Scots beatsters The Poets, The Creation, and tons more. There's also a video clip for Pink Floyd's "Paintbox" on there, which may not be strictly relevant to this blog, but I had no awareness it even existed until a couple of days ago. Is there nothing to be said for a legitimate Pink Floyd DVD package compiling these bits together in one place?

Also, a clip of Edwyn Collins' frequently forgotten late night Channel Four sit-com "West Heath Yard" has worked its way on there - although there are plenty of people I know who refuse to believe it ever existed. See below for a glimpse into the recording process of the moving "Lasagne for One".

Now, if only these treats could stay in place for more than five minutes I'd be a very happy man (well I wouldn't, not at the moment anyway, but I'd be considerably closer to content than usual).

(*Yes, I know copyright law is rather more complex than this, and that lawyers aren't all miserable fun-spoilers out to ruin everybody's days - it just feels like that sometimes).

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