23 December 2009

Frank Sidebottom - Oh Blimey It's Christmas

Frank Sidebottom - Oh Blimey It's Christmas

Label: Regal Zonophone
Year of Release: 1985

hello fans... frank here with my firm follow up e.p. its my very own christmas record, one side for the u.k. and the other side is for australia as they have a very hot christmas. since i started in showbiz a few months back i have developed my stage act to include "little frank" whic is an almost life like puppet which i made myself and you can hear him on this e.p. which i recorded myself in my shed and hope you like it
have a fantastic christmas and dont do anything that i do
thank you
frank sidebottom

I don't think there's much more I can add to the above, other than to say Merry Christmas to all Left and to the Back readers, and hope you all have a great 2010.

1. Oh Blimey It's Christmas
2. Christmas in Australia
including: Sun Arise/ Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport/ Waltzing Matilda/ Skippy/ My Boomerang Won't Come Back
3. In the Summertime
4. Auld Lang Syne


jay strange said...

nobody and i mean nobody does christmas songs better than know he does he really does....thankyou

jay strange said...

oh and there's another two songs on the twelve inch in a nothern town and greengrocer on the corner...happy xmas

Anonymous said...

Hi, any chance for a fresh upload anywhere (zippyshare of something)?

Seasonal greetings,