19 February 2011

Second City Sound - Shopping List

Second City Sound - Shopping List

Label: Decca
Year of Release: 1966

It's those cheeky Second City Sound boys again.  "Shopping List" was their third single, and failed to get them back into the charts again as they might have hoped.  It's jaunty, jolly, chipper and bouncy, and sounds as if it belongs as the theme for an advert or tailer (can anyone confirm if it was used as such)?  However, this kind of simple instrumental pop was becoming passe, and the net result was a general disinterest in the record.  Three or four years earlier, this might have been a hit - but by 1966, it wasn't in with much of a chance.

As we've already confirmed in the last Second City Sound entry, Ken Freeman went on to build and create synthesisers, thus having a rare but shadowy influence on the sounds of the coming decades.  Bill Gilbert went on to play in the blues band The Sharks, and Stuart Wilson has recently been sessioning for (among other artists) Pixie Lott.

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Boursin said...

This is Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. I've always liked "Tchaikovsky One" but here the pun in the title is terrible, just terrible.