8 November 2013

Back Soon

Hello folks.

I realise that "Left and to the Back" has been down for far longer than I intended it to be, and for this I apologise.  I conveniently timed my online break just before a fractured elbow (meaning that one handed typing was a massive inconvenience for awhile) and then a house move which left me without internet access for a long while (and more importantly left all my records completely unsorted in large wooden  boxes for an even longer period).

But I do mean it when I say the blog will be back soon, probably in a week or two.  I've already ripped several singles from vinyl with the intention of uploading them here.  What won't happen is a return to normal service, I'm afraid.  The days of me researching and creating at least two entries a week are impractical and unworkable for a whole host of reasons, so in future entries will appear as and when I feel like creating them.  This should also prevent me from uploading borderline mediocre stuff purely for the sake of keeping the flow of entries going.

As Adrian Mole once said: "Hold on to your hats, kids, you'll be in for a magic ride".  Why didn't he run a blog for old mp3s instead of keeping that diary, eh?  With language like that, he'd have fitted right in.