21 December 2014

Merry Christmas

This blog will now go all quiet until after Christmas - well, why wouldn't it? December is generally one of the weakest months of the year for readership engagement, and sitting here talking to myself when I could be ignored by engaging with my wife, family, friends and colleagues seems silly.

But never forget… "Left and to the Back" has a whole host of Christmas entries live online still, complete with mp3s, YouTube clips, and facts. XTC, the KLF, The Sonics, Vic Reeves, Hank Marvin,  and Animals That Swim all feature with jingle bells on, along with many others. Go away and read and listen.

If you're stuck for anything else to read over the period, you can also absorb a short story I've included for free on my other blogsite, about a man who tries to become a chess set building recluse but screws it up by telling everyone and drawing attention to himself. If you want to take a peak at what else I do when I'm not fannying around talking about sixties novelty pop or browsing through the record racks in charity shops, why not take a deeper look and wonder if there's actually something deeply wrong with me?

Happy Christmas everyone. I'll be back soon.

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