3 May 2015

David and David - In The City/ Good Morning Morning

Label: Columbia
Year of Release: 1970

While this piece of popsike hasn't quite slipped through the net - it did end up on the "Curiosity Shop" compilation last year - it has, it's safe to say, been rather largely ignored since its release despite the Gus Dudgeon production credit. Shunned even by the mighty Bible of all things sixties and esoteric, the "Tapesty of Delights" encyclopaedia, it's inexplicable that this one has been left to gather dust for so long.

There's an unquestionable Moody Blues air about the proceedings on "In The City", with a great deal of melodramatic vocalisations and despairing orchestrations about the angst of urban life, but the song has enough of a pop edge to succeed by the time the chorus rolls around. It's naive, charming, slightly silly and sweet and also somehow a tad epic with it, qualities that rarely occur in the same song at the same time. If Elton John actually had got around to covering Nick Drake, it might have ended up sounding a bit like this.

David and David were clearly a duo (and spare me the jokes about David Steel and David Owen of the Liberal/ SDP alliance, please). The identity of one of these Davids is unclear, but the other is clearly David Mindel, who would later go on to join the widely compiled Esprit de Corps whose "If (Would It Turn Out Wrong)" has been a mainstay of sixties rarity LPs. I think this is a slightly better single than that, though - not as woozy or psychedelic sounding, despite its earlier release date, but certainly a much more convincing and strident piece of work.

Besides working with the DJ Mike Read in the aforementioned Esprit de Corps, Mindel went on to become a respected soundtrack man and TV themes writer, whose biggest money spinner must surely be the British National Lottery theme. Don't feel too sorry for him, readers, I'm sure he copes.


Tulloch said...

Excellent find Dave. I must listen to the Curiosity Shop comp more closely as it didn't really register with me the first time. Keep 'em comin'(please!).

23 Daves said...

A mixed bag, "Curosity Shop", but this was definitely one of the better moments on the compilation. And I will keep them coming, don't worry! (As long as I can keep finding these things at prices I can afford…)

VanceMan said...

Two interesting pieces. (And while I involuntarily shuddered when I thought of Elton John doing a Nick Drake song, the description is appropriate. And I admit I always forget what Elton John once was compared to the bloated — in every sense — musical figure he became.)

Gilmet said...

I think the original owner of this 45 preferred the b side, it's mullahed....

Arthur Nibble said...

David Mindel was also married to Pan's People goddess Cherry Gillespie (and had a hand in her thankfully brief recording career). It's a tough life.