11 June 2017

Reupload - Meckenburg Zinc - Hard Working Woman/ I'd Like To Help You

Label: Orange
Year of Release: 1970

Another mystery to add to the "Left and to the Back" canon of mysteries, I'm afraid - nobody has the faintest clue who Meckenburg Zinc were, whether they were a gigging act, a studio aggregation, or perhaps a metalworks company indulging in a musical hobby (although the latter is obviously the 10,000-1 shot).

What we do know for sure is that John Carter co-wrote the A-side.  He was frequently associated with the Carter-Lewis songwriting duo whose credits took up large quantities of label space in the sixties with the likes of the Flowerpot Men and The Music Explosion, and Internet rumours suggest that he may have performed on the track as well.  Whatever the truth of the matter, "Hard Working Woman" is a neat slice of seventies pop which seems West Coast influenced in both its songwriting and performance, all close harmonies and chirpy arrangements.  It wasn't a hit, but copies of the disc have sold for $50 on ebay in the last few years which suggests a keen demand for the track.

As for the curiously designed Orange label, it was in fact a hitless and short-lived subsidiary of the Orange amplifier company.  So you've possibly come out of this blog entry learning something new at least.  


Anonymous said...

Hello Dave

Is it possible to download the single?, I see no link for this very hard to find single

Many thanks in advance

Greetings Albert

Michael Alden said...

Yes, would love download link. This is the best song posted in a long time!

23 Daves said...

Apologies - in their infinite wisdom, Box have decided to mess around with their app, giving it a cosmetic facelift but actually removing functionality in the process. They do this every now and then - it keeps web designers in a living, I suppose.

This also doesn't seem to be displaying the same on all computers. Can you see a down arrow next to the filename? If you click on that, there should be a drop down menu with a download option in it. If you can't see that... I'm going to have to get access to another PC and investigate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave

I have downloaded the single
Slide the computer mouse over the blue line
Hold down the computer mouse
The donload option will appear