3 December 2017

The Crew - Marty/ Danger Signs

Label: Plexium
Year of Release: 1969

Another total obscurity on the seldom-spotted Plexium Records. The Crew were a five-piece formed by vocalist and master percussionist (congas a speciality) John Wright in 1965, and subsequently went through a confusing array of line-ups throughout the rest of the decade. Neither the internet nor the usual reference tomes bother to chronicle these, which leaves me a little bit stuck.

By the seventies, however, they had become a funk band, offering their services to a variety of venues (including the Marquee on ten separate occasions) and supporting acts as legendary and varied as Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and Desmond Dekker.  

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though, because that line-up offered a very different fare from the Plexium era group. "Marty" has already been rounded up on the "Piccadilly Sunshine" series of compilations, so can't be offered in full here - but is essentially an organ-driven piece of beat pop, slightly twee and chirpy in its delivery. It's not quite bubblegum, but it's closer to that on the spectrum than Sly and the Family Stone.

The flip "Danger Signs" is curious, in that it appears to be led by a female vocalist and not John Wright. Again, it's a chipper piece of sixties beat, and by 1969 possibly felt a little dated.

The Crew's most famous line-up went on to release a version of "Cecilia" on Decca in 1970, with Jonathan King's guidance and backing. An official website with more information on them can be found here


Anonymous said...

Superb David !!

Thank you very much


Unknown said...

My Auntie Linda was the singer on Marty.

23 Daves said...

Thanks for letting me know - would you be able to give me her full name?

Linda Bottono said...

Hi my stage name was Lyn Trevors and I was the lead female vocalist with the Crew. I made the record Marty and Danger Signs in 1965. I can be contacted on face book under the name Linda Bottono x would love to hear from any of the band members.

23 Daves said...

Thanks for dropping by Linda - good to hear from you! All the best for 2021.