19 September 2019

Tony Hatch and the Cherry Children - Yoko/ Bahama Sound

There's no-one quite like Yoko/ And I know you will agree...

Label: Pye
Year of Release: 1970

If popular perception is to be believed - and, in fact, if John Lennon himself is to be believed - Yoko Ono did not enjoy a particularly warm welcome in the UK after she met Beatle John. Indeed, that refrigerated reception dipped down further to chest freezer levels when she allegedly "broke up The Beatles" (who seemed to be doing an excellent job of drifting off in separate directions without her alleged influence anyway).

The fact this single exists is more than surprising, then - rather, it's outright shocking. Surely, a novelty single filled with children merrily chirping their love and happiness for Yoko would have stood absolutely no chance of being a hit? Most Beatles fans, who would have been the core target market, wouldn't have cared for it, and Yoko Ono's own fans - at this point, either modern art enthusiasts or some of the hairier lovers of her peace protests and avant-garde pieces of "difficult listening" on Lennon flipsides - weren't going to buy a novelty record inspired by her. It sank into oblivion, and it's hard to understand how anyone thought it would do anything else. 

Musically, it's a sweet little concoction which is too innocent lyrically and well-arranged to be irritating, and while you probably won't rush to put it on your digital playlist, it's a fun few minutes. I'm glad it exists, and I only hope Yoko Ono heard it and it raised a smile with her too.

For those who really don't want to hear kiddies trilling on about Ms Ono, the flipside "Bahama Sound" is a particularly smooth, lush Tony Hatch arrangement which is appreciated by a lot of easy listening fans - so that might soothe your soul a lot more.

Tony Hatch, of course, is a legendary songwriter, producer and arranger whose fingers have been all over many hits, television themes ("Emmerdale", "Crossroads", "Neighbours", and "Mr & Mrs" to name but a few) and other soundtrack work. His list of credits is so colossally long that it's doubtful he even remembers recording this. 


VanceMan said...

Wha ... ? There has to be a story behind this. I can't imagine this was a random release hoping to cash in on Yoko Ono's infamy at that point. TV show related? It just has me baffled.

23 Daves said...

I agree that I have little proof that this is actually about Yoko Ono, but if not her, then who?

I agree it sounds as if it should be from a children's show or something similar (a precursor to a "Hello Kitty" styled Japanese girl having adventures in London, perhaps?) but Pye were normally savvy enough to put a reference to the TV show or film a song was taken from on their labels, but in this case, there's nothing.

I think it probably is what it seems to be. If anyone knows better, though, I'd love to know more.