13 January 2021

Maggie - L David Sloane/ Too Young To Get Married


Mystery sixties 45 from surnameless individual

Label: Columbia
Year of Release: 1968

Who's that girl? Once again, I'm afraid I don't know. The sixties seemed to be a period where female solo vocalists were frequently signed by major labels hopeful of discovering the next Lulu, Sandie Shaw or Dusty Springfield, but dropped like hot coals as soon as the one or two singles they were permitted to record failed to sell. Often, the only easily accessible evidence of their existence is the record itself.

Uncovering the identity of Maggie is going to be harder still since she doesn't even give us a surname. All I can tell you is that this is a cover of a track released by Michele Lee in the USA, though while Lee's version seems to be delivered between gritted teeth, Maggie takes the frustration and flips it around into something more carefree. If Lee sounds like she's being pursued on a daily basis and hiding behind the curtains, Maggie sounds as if she's busy gleefully tearing up his wardrobe.

It's a chirpy effort and one which might have seen the inside of the Top 40 on a soft week, but by 1968 this kind of pop would have felt slightly out-of-date. Its swinging sound feels like something from years before, so perhaps it's not too surprising it was broadly ignored. 

As for Maggie, if anyone has any idea who she might be, please drop me a line. 

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Anonymous said...

I picked this 45 up a few years back and made a futile attempt to find out more about Maggie. Hopefully someone out there knows more! BTW her chances weren't exactly enhanced by a further UK cover on Pye by Kay Garner.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like two different vocalists to me. It sounds like Jackie Lee herself on the flip side.